How you can help

Support Gig Workers!

When you place orders, try to meet your courier in the lobby of your building when they arrive. Tip well and often. Be patient of delays especially during inclement weather.

  • Download, print and post a window sign to show your support
  • Participate in Order-in-days

    Order-in-days is a way for allies to help us reach out to more app based workers. Talking to your delivery worker about Gig Workers United is a way to counter the inhuman conditions they work under and to validate the importance of uniting with other workers in their struggle.

Post a message of solidarity

Write your support for Gig Workers United as a review in the App Store when you download a food delivery app. Let the apps know that gig workers rights matter to you. Post a solidarity message and tag @GigWorkersUnited (Facebook/Instagram) and @GigWorkersUnite (Twitter).

Follow our socials and keep up with our campaigns

We post regular updates on most major social media platforms at (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook).

Organize with us

We can always use your support on the ground! This can take many forms: talking to couriers that deliver your food about Gig Workers United, for example, or attend our rallies. If this interests you, contact us at [email protected] to learn how to help.

Use your voice to support our demands and messages to local legislators

Add your voice to our fight for labour rights by signing our petitions and forwarding our demands to your local political representatives. Stay tuned for updates on our petitions and opportunities for you to uplift our actions.

Submissions to the Federal Consultation on Gig Work


Submissions to Ontario's Workforce Recovery Advisory Committee (OWRAC)

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